Father Andrew's Hot Body Gym

May 30, 2009

learning the motions

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<—- This is Clover, our mascot. We had to tie her to the rings. TGIF!

This is the official one week anniversary of FAHBG. So far we have had several great workouts, and most of us have been able to participate in all of them one way or another. Coach Josh is mid-rehab, but it has been very helpful having him watching our every movement and pushing us along. His Crossfit expertise (having been involved with CF Tallahasse for a few months) is invaluable to the future of FAHBG.

Andrew was out of town for a Parish retreat so today’s workout was Abby, Micah, and Mara with Josh coaching. We are working on the basic lifting techniques. After squats eariler this week, today was a much-needed tutorial on hang cleans. We started out step by step with PVC pipes, then moved to medicine balls to get the motion correct before beginning the workout.

Here is the warm-up, work-out and pics.

4 sets – 5 reps each –
step-by-step hang cleans (cant remember the name of the tutorial)
-pull ups
-body squats

WOD – 20-15-10-5 reps
Hang Cleans
Burpees Warming Up

Mara, getting low

mid-workout stretch

Josh’s phone rang halfway through the workout, so we lost track of time (I know, I know, get a stopwatch), but I would venture a guess that Abby, Mara and I all finished in under 15 minutes.

Beach Day tomorrow!

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