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June 1, 2009

"Da beach is dat way"

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Three weeks of rain and gloominess were done away with easily by an afternoon at the beach. Several of us FAHBGers and some friends took off from Tallahassee and visited St. George Island on the Gulf Coast. Being from the east coast of FL, I was not impressed by the lauded “beauty” of the gulf beaches, but it was still great to get some sun and hang out with some seagulls. Coach Josh was adamant about doing some sprints to make our beach day CF worthy, but the good company and good times provided a formidible distraction. We did however manage to play some soccer and volleyball, swim, and soak up some Vitamin D. Josh even enjoyed a cabbage, hummus and turkey wrap.

Mostly born out of jealosy and admiration for Joshes davidic physique, we took the chance to poke some fun at him and got some good laughs at his hottness’s expense.

Afterwards, being that the R and R was soo worthwhile, and we treated ourselves to massive piles of greasy Seafood at Coastal in Panacea, and discussed irrational fear of sharks while eating “Gator tots.”

Mara and Andrew, we missed you all! Thanks to Grahm, Jesse, other people whose names I can’t remember and the Jeremys for the company.

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