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June 16, 2009

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Hey gang,

I’m sorry that we don’t yet have photos up from our St Augustine trip. In the spirit of crossfit, handstands and pistol squats on the beach will be forthcoming.

I am very excited to finally see our exercise community beginning to gel. I didn’t fully realize when we started how much this endeavor would be about community, but I am beginning to appreciate it even more than the ridiculous torture through which we put ourselves 🙂 It is awesome to be able to share this with you all, and hopefully even more friends as we move forward.

I’ve been thinking about our program, and I have a few things that I want us to all to think about and add to our workouts in the future. I love being the coach, but I want us all to take mutual ownership of this gym even as we do so for each other.

First, stretching. Everyone needs to be stretching daily, whether we workout or not. Also, I’ll be introducing the foam roller soon. We all need more hamstring flexibility, as well as thoracic spine flexibility.

Second, finishers. Every one has performed the 9 major lifts swimmingly, but it’s the sort of thing that needs constant practice in order to keep our edge. After our prescribed workouts, I’m going to have us perform just a few reps of one of the major lifts, or perhaps take a few minutes to work on our hand stands or forward rolls – basically any and all skills which need regular practice. It won’t be a second workout, but it will need a few minutes of concentrated effort.

Third, I know that our schedules are crazy and constantly in flux, but we’ll reap the best rewards for our effort if we can get 3-4 workouts in per week. Let’s keep talking and experimenting with the schedule until we can get it hammered out.

Finally, diet. As we all now know, it is the most important key to our success. Mara and I will be posting some of our favorite recipes soon. As we do, be thinking about recipes, strategies, and ideas that are working well for you, and share ’em!

You guys rock. I’m privileged to have such supportive, edgy, and wildly fun friends. Rock and Roll.

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  1. Thanks for the words Coach. These 4 points are seeming more and more essential. Lets keep at it.

    Comment by Micah Vandegrift — June 16, 2009 @ 6:25 pm

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