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June 19, 2009

This is why we eat the way we do and shun the foods that go bump in the night

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So after looking at this website and skreeching in horror, I began to feel a deep sympathy for those who consume and reconsume such awful foods. There is something so wrong with this much disregard for well being, that you can’t help but feel that people who eat such things are either completely ignorant to health or perhaps they secertly despise themselves. I’m glad we work hard to take care of ourselves and that we care about those around us to push them to do the same. This is a longterm goal. I’ve had several family members die from cancer and it’s the most horrifying way to go. Your body slow withers to the point of skin and bones and then everything shuts down. It’s hell for those who have it, and hell for those who have to witness it. I’m a firm believer that health (and some Godly protection) is the best defense agaisnt such demises. Besides the shortterm results, it’s the end results that matter just as much. I know I don’t want to be in a wheelchair when I’m 70, I want to be strolling around and playing with my grandkids. So the word of the day is ‘longterm’.

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  1. Yes! They should add a picture of a fried twinkie from the state fair here! But I have to be honest… That turtle pie or whatever the chocolate thing was looked pretty darn good to me! 😉

    It is weird though, how different food looks to me now. I see people eating what, a few months ago, I would have thought of as a healthy lunch, and now all I see is pile of refined carbs. I practically feel my eyeballs rolling like a slot machine and coming up with the number of grams of carbs that person must be consuming. Scary!

    For example, the other day at my work, they had a few different kinds of pasta, iceberg salad, breadsticks, and cinnamon bread sticks for a staff lunch. My eyes just saw carbs, healthier carbs, carbs, and really bad carbs. Thank goodness I had my own food, because there was not a single good source of protein in that whole meal!

    Comment by Maravilla — June 19, 2009 @ 7:06 pm

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