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June 26, 2009

Dear Crossfit,

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<——– Before

Remember when we first met? I think it was last summer, when Abby and I were on vacation in North Carolina. I was appalled that people would flagellate themselves like this regularly and enjoy it. But Nate and Thera were so excited about you, I figured it was worth a shot. Good for me, Josh had met you too and was interested in trying it out.

I pretty much hated you last summer. Josh was cool and all, but most of the time I just felt like a loser around you. You were always so forceful and intimidating, asking so much and giving so little. My memories of you were mostly breathless, stomach in knots, and thinking about how torture didn’t sound too bad. The Florida heat didn’t help much either.

Our breakup was bittersweet in the Fall. I was busy with school, you were still so demanding and so darn stubborn. I’d like to say I missed you that winter, but it wouldn’t be true. I still thought about you, wondered how you were, what horrid consequences you were raining on your devotees, and what new methods of pain you came up with. I’d like to say also that I was in some way faithful to your memory, but that’d also be a lie. I had many mistresses in our time apart… TV, fast food, 15 lbs extra, and generally heading down a rotten path. I used school as an excuse, and a semi-valid one, but forsaking my health to that extent was just plain bad judgment.

Your siren call caught me again when I looked in the mirror one day. Not even at my body, but I looked into my own eyes and realized, “I am better than this. I have priorities and goals and ambition. My lifestyle should reflect that.” I had been watching your affair with Josh, harboring just a little jealousy, and it sobered me quickly. Luckily, I had a few great friends around who were in the same place. The hardest thing was and is setting my mind on the goal, and not the process. But, you, in your frustratingly difficult way, push and prod. Only this time it feels more like a romance and less like a chore. One and a half months later, I am in process of totally altering my eating habits, investing time and money in freaking FITNESS EQUIPMENT, and gaining control of my body/mind while not letting food/laziness control me.

So, Crossfit, we still have to see what the future holds. You promise a lot, you know. I’ve watched the videos. But, I think I can say, I look forward to it. We have a lot more in common now, and I, in a wierd way, enjoy your company a little more than I hate it. Don’t give up on me.


Micah Lee Vandegrift

<——- After

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