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July 14, 2009

Some thoughts on results from Guatemala

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What things have changed since I began a Crossfit regimen three months ago? I write from Guatemala with a few thoughts on the matter….

1. I can now swing many, many more small Guatemalan village children in an arcing spin, raising and lowering them as we rotate like some grand fair ride, while their mothers look on with amazement, than I could ever imagine doing before our motley crew began working out.

Perhaps before Coach Josh began to drive us toward elite fitness I could have done this once or twice…but now,

I can whirl child after child, as my team ministers to
the remote village of Chuiquel about an hour drive from Panajachel, through a medical clinic, Bible stories, prayer, and the laughter that comes from watching the Church do what the Church does – rejoice in the sheer beauty of God’s creation and adoration of His creation.
2. My back, suffering when I arrived in Tallahassee with the after effects of an L4-L5 lamenectomy / partial discectomy, has regained the vast majority of its stability and strength – I’m able to do things (like handstands on command and mixing concrete on the ground) that I would have thought never again possible.
3. Perhaps most of all, I can call four new acquaintances, Josh, Mara, Abby and Micah, friends.

Our slogan is about making our bodies, our temples, into fit receptacles for God (although, of course, God will and does fill us in spite of our flab). From at least one angle, however, one might argue that the true focus of FAHBG is to help others to remake the Temple given to us by our Creator into a bastion of hotness, with the added befit of watching your own begin to strengthen and emerge from years of almost-fitness. It is a joy to work together, to encourage one another, to upbraid one another for slacking off…. If only we encouraged one another in our spiritual lives in a similar vein!
With these my friends, I strengthen my body to more ably serve my Lord…through serving His precious creations such as these:

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