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July 27, 2009

"Girls" Week

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Last week we tried to do some of the benchmark workouts so that we can see where we stand. Named after females (how much you wanna bet they had “female dogs” in mind?), these WODs are infamous among CrossFitters for their ability to kick your butt and simultaneously enable you to track your progress on the road to true fitness.

Micah selected Fran, Grace, and Cindy for our exercise pleasure, and they certainly lived up to their reputations as tough, sneaky broads with a mean sense of humor. Below are our times/rounds/weights. Andrew was out of town, and Jay joined us for a few morning sessions.

In a month or two we plan to do these three again to (hopefully) see how far we’ve come.

“Fran” – Thrusters (95 lbs Rxd) and Pull-ups, 21-15-9, for time
Abby – 9:50 (45# and blue band)
Micah – finished, nuf said (95/45# and white band?)
Mara – 7:40 (45# and blue band)
Josh – 6:52 (95# and kipping pull-ups, some incomplete range of motion)
Jay – 8:40 (45# and white band)

“Grace” – 30 Clean and Jerks (135 lbs Rxd) for time
Abby – 10:35 (50 lbs)
Micah – 11:05 (65 lbs)
Mara – 4:46 (50 lbs)
Josh – 7:05 (125 lbs)
Jay – 9:04 (45, 65, 50 lbs mixed)

“Cindy” – 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats, AMRAP
Abby – 12 rounds in 20 m 30 sec (knee pushups and assisted pullups with the blue band)
Micah – 10 rounds (a mix of reg pullups and assisted pullups with the white band)
Mara – 11 rounds (knee pushups and assisted pullups with the white band)
Josh – 16 rounds, plus 5 pull-ups

I suggest that we each leave a comment about how the workouts felt to us, which will help qualify our times so that when we look back next time, we’ll know more precisely where we stood.

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  1. Here are my thoughts about the workout, for future reference.

    Grace was way too easy for me. In retrospect, I should have done a much heavier weight, but I didn't want to overdo it my first time doing a clean-and-jerk workout. Next time I should probably use about 65-75 pounds, and eventually I should work up to the approximate Rxd female weight of 95 lbs.

    Also, this was my second attempt at Cindy. Since I've been working on my pull-ups, I decided to switch to a lighter resistance band, white instead of blue. This proved a good choice, but it sure made the workout more difficult. Whereas before I bounced (literally) through the pull-ups, this time I had to strain through each one by the third round. Using higher rings also meant that I could not jump at all. Next I need to work on my push-ups so I can do strict form instead of going onto my knees.

    In terms of recovery, the back-to-back combo of Fran and Grace had me excuciatingly sore, particularly my traps and back. About an hour after Grace I was extremely tired. My body's not used to heavier lifting!

    Comment by Maravilla — July 27, 2009 @ 4:21 pm

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