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July 28, 2009

The Office

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So, there are many things that turn my stomach about working in my office environment. There are the creepy old men, the dull lights, the weird smells, the quirky habits people have, etc etc. Currently, we have 3 people who are expecting babies in our the legal department alone, so of course the workplace has to mingle with personal issues, so we are throwing them a baby shower (mind you I’m a temp employee who is being asked to by gifts and food). So, the stomach turner today was the menu that is being served at this brunch on Thursday. Here it goes:

French toast casserole
Piggies in a blanket made with blueberry pancake mix
Cake (at a brunch!)
Sausage casserole
Muffins and assorted breads
Assorted fruit, of course provided my me.

I can’t even say that I’ll be tempted to eat any of this crap since the thought of someone shoveling cake in their mouth at 10 in the morning makes me ill. Ehhhh.

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  1. That is crazy! That's the worst I've seen, but I do remember a lunch provided here at work that consisted of pizza, pasta, breadsticks, salad, and cinnamon breadsticks. All I see with meals like these is simple carbs, simple carbs, simple carbs, complex carbs, simple carbs, a hint of protein, simple carbs, simple carbs. I want to scream, look at what you're feeding yourself!!! But to the uneducated, my hysteria would only seem crazy. So I bite my tongue and grab my bag of nuts and watch the sugar poisoning unfold…

    Comment by Maravilla — July 30, 2009 @ 2:14 pm

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