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August 15, 2009

The Pudge-oisie?

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I can’t decide if this is humorous or horrifying…. probably both, in one of my favorite combinations.


In this article, the author identifies a new fashion trend among male hipsters of Brooklyn: soft, round, “5-months pregnant” potbellies. He argues that perhaps it is an act of rebellion against a culture obsessed with six-pack abs and rippling biceps, and he even goes as far as to blame Obama for modeling a fit lifestyle and flat stomach, thus presenting a standard against which to rebel. If the president were a fat slob, the article posits, perhaps these hipsters would rebel by being gym rats. Is it possible that these hipster kids are just getting older and their unhealthy lifestyles are catching up with them?

That anyone can think these spare tires (or should I say beach balls?) are attractive is hilarious. That no one cares if this might be injurious to their health, whether or not it is cool, is horrible. That there seem to be only two extremes – full-fledged pudge or obsessive cut-ness – is sad. Come on people! Why can’t reasonable, functional fitness be a fashion statement?

Well, at least Josh doesn’t have to worry about me running away with one of those oh-so-cool hipsters… Now, if Obama came a-knockin’ with his washboard abs, we might have a problem on our hands! … 😉

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  1. Hipsters are so funny. Always trying ot make a statement no matter how ridiculous it is.

    I don't think it's really Obama's fitness that drives these wimpsters to look like they should be siting in a lazyboy with a can of Budweiser. No, I think it is their world of indifference that has bleed into their physical realm. They try so hard to seem as though they 'don't care' what people think, that now, they could realy care less.

    Not giving an F*** is cool, didn't you know????

    Comment by Abby — August 17, 2009 @ 1:18 pm

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