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August 18, 2009

Life Without the Minuses

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It seems as though every time I’m describing my new way of eating I find I often have to defend the very strict eat healthy policy with valiant force. No grains, sugar, legumes, processed food, and dairy (debatable!). It’s always interesting to see people’s reactions when I talk about how bad grains are for them and how life would be so much better without them. Sometimes I find that when I say ‘No grains’ I feel like I’m asking that person to give me their first born so I can use it for target practice. My favorite reaction thus far has been my Dad’s when I told him “No grains” and he spouted “Well, what do you eat Peanut Butter on?” I of course said, “You don’t eat Peanut Butter” (peanuts being the deceitful creatures they are by have ‘nut’ in the name though they are legumes).

So how can I convey the joy of a grain less body? How can I express the freedom from the inevitable peaks and valleys of energy and the starvation an hour after eating? For some it seems as though those hardships are worth the slices of fluffy goodness. For me and for others like me, feeling well and stable all day is worth slapping some turkey on a piece of lettuce and shouting “I don’t care if it’s weird!”

I know some see the merit and decide to give it a try but it breaks my healthy heart to see some struggle with this addiction to terrible food. Part of me wants to shake the carbs right out of them but what do you do? You can’t save everyone right? Is it even up to us to try and spread this 2nd gospel like wildfire? How do you pitch this clean way of life?

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