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October 3, 2009

A letter from Graham

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Graham Wooden is a good friend of ours who has been joining us in workouts every now and again. He has also been adapting his diet and wanted to share some of his thoughts. Check it out —

My name’s Graham and I have been asked to write up my experiences with changing my lifestyle crossfit/primal blueprint style.

Let me first say, I have been overweight since freshman year of high school, many many years ago. You see, as a freshman, I played soccer and the near constant exertion of three hours of running in the hot Florida sun kept me lean and mean. I have to say, after playing soccer for a year, I cultivated a deep-seated distaste for exercise. So, over the course of quite a few years of eating like a teenager and being lazy, I came to where I was when I got up the gumption to change my ways. 225 lbs 5’ 7” and 24 years old, barely fitting into my recently purchased size 36 waist pants. On the last hole of the belt I bought in college. A drastic change seemed in order. The question was, what kind of change should I make. I mean, I hadn’t been diligent about my diet and exercising since I was a freshman… in high school.

So, by virtue of the gentle pressure of some new friends, I decided to try eating primal. As most of the readers of this blog are aware, the primal diet puts a high emphasis on upping protein content and sternly controlling daily carbohydrate intake. An arduous task by any standards, especially in light of the choices I usually made, with respect to my diet. Just for an example, I would regularly skip breakfast and eat fast food at least once a day, maybe twice. Granted, this kind of meal decision was cultivated over the course of many years, the masterful culmination of my laziness, which was ingrained in every decision I made. Well, damn it all, I said, I’m tired of buying new pants when I have perfectly good pants that I just can’t wear because they don’t fit me anymore. It was time to try something. So I started, with baby steps at first, but now that I’m a month into my diet (a paltry month) I find myself routinely making healthy dietary choices, involuntarily. I can remember, for instance, ordering water at Chick-Fil-A (yeah yeah I was eating at Chick-Fil-A, so sue me) and being angry when the drive-through messed up my order and gave me a Sprite. As I was driving away I suddenly asked myself this question;

When did that happen? When did I care if someone gave me a free soda when I asked for a water? When did I order a chicken sandwich without fries? When did I want to eat an apple instead of potato chips? When was I disappointed when I went to a house party and the only snacks were chips and dip? Whats happening to me?

Let me tell you what’s happening, in the month I have been trying to eat primal (with sensible cheating) I have lost 12 pounds. My belt tightens to the third hole again! My pants fit comfortably again! I tried on some jeans from college the other day, and they BUTTONED! And that’s not all; on top of these superficial changes I can feel more significant changes taking place. For instance, I don’t need a nap after every meal. I don’t feel like I’m going to murder someone if I don’t eat just RIGHT NOW. I have real energy, I’ve done more chores around the house in the last month than I probably did, in 3 months last year. I want to go out for a walk; I want to exercise. Yeah, 12 pounds may not be a large number with respect to my total weight, but I have to tell you, this is the first time in my life that when I get on the scale, the number is smaller than it was the week before. In my mind, that’s a big deal.


  1. Graham, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing your story, it’s very inspiring. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying these changes and we’re glad you’ve been coming around more.

    Comment by Abby — October 4, 2009 @ 10:22 am

  2. Thanks for sharing, Graham. This is awesome! And well written, with humor, insight, and honesty. An inspiration!

    Comment by maraeller — October 4, 2009 @ 3:00 pm

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