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January 28, 2010

Run Paleo.

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Many of us don’t run often. At FAHBG a lot of our running exercises are impeded by time constraints and the landscape surrounding the gym (a short strip of road on a slight incline.) When we do run it is usually not pretty. Josh, Mara, Abby and I went out to a local park last weekend and ran a 5K, a first for Abby and I. You can see our times on the Stats page, but generally it was an eye-opening experience. Running is difficult. And you have to be a real specific type of person to “enjoy” it. But, what if there were a way to make running more efficient? To minimize the physical impact and maximize the cardiovascular/muscular benefits? Well, my friends, there may be such a path. Take off your Nike cross trainers and let’s begin.

Two different articles published today, linked below, introduce Daniel Lieberman, a professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University who proposes that  barefoot could be a better way to run. The basis of his argument is that modern running shoes have conditioned the human body to run with the heel striking the ground, causing shock waves up leg and body with every step. Comparing this style to some subjects in Kenya, who had run barefoot all their lives, Lieberman noticed that the Kenyans “were more likely to land on the front part or ball of the foot, and they adjusted their leg and foot movements so that they landed more gently on the ground.” Running on the front of the foot utilizes a different set of muscles in a different manner meaning it would take effort and re-conditioning to force ones body to do so, but can become a much more enjoyable experience, especially for those who have any ankle, knee or back pain.

Check out the story on NPR with audio, or read it at The Independent. [UPDATE – Video interview HERE.] How about a FAHBG ‘trial run’? Feet-Only February anyone? Irregardless, I know what Abby is getting for Valentine’s Day.


  1. Am I getting Vibram 5 Fingers???? Please don’t toy with my emotions!

    Comment by abby vandegrift — January 29, 2010 @ 8:15 am

  2. […] without these confining contraptions attached to us all the time.  Micah already mentioned the Vibram 5 Fingers  and going shoeless, but I just want to follow up with a link for those who can’t throw down 100 […]

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