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February 5, 2010


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You got it. I’m in a “calling people out” type of mood. Was updating some links on the blog and got to reading some posts from Melissa Urban over at Whole9 and I was “inspired” to share my thoughts. Feel like being messed with?!? Read on…

Let me start at the beginning… exercise sucks. These workouts hurt and you really have to be mostly crazy to enjoy enduring this kind of pain. But, we do it week after week. And, like clockwork, we, as weak human beings, react to sucky exercise pain. As Melissa notes in her post, the line between “Compliant Trainee to Cranky, Belligerent Trainee” can often be much shorter than we think. In the midst of a poor succession of squat cleans, losing form, or worse, not being physically able to lift what you think you should be able to, can often produce a variety of colorful human responses. I’ll let your imagination (and your memory) run there.

So why bring it up? I think we should be better. Something we all strive for at FAHBG, and don’t discuss often enough, is to be continually growing spiritually. If that is a goal, alongside the goal to raise ones deadlift max, shouldn’t both be acknowledged and respected in the gym space? The frustration and utter limitations of our developing bodies should not overcome the commitment to holiness we proclaim. Fr. Eric gave a great sermon on time last week saying we should be considering our lives fully adopted into the “redeemed” time of the new covenant. Every aspect of life then can and should be revered as moments of grace, and the gym is no exception.

If you notice, I have done my best to use “we” throughout this post. I can often be the one who has the worst baditude in the mornings, and don’t think I am pushing blame on any one particular person. I just got to thinking that perhaps, if we could exercise some self-control, and set aside the gym space as a site of encouragement and positivity, the physical context in which we lift, groan and sweat could produce more than muscle and the elusive “hot body” (except for Josh, who has already attained it!).

I seem to remember something about a speck vs. a log in someones eye, so don’t hold back if you think I’m wrong. There’s also something I recall about iron sharpening iron, and if we can do that physically, we should be able to do that spiritually also. Consider yourself “served.”

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  1. I agree that our work space should be an area of positive vibes and encouragement. However, I think people should have the right to get frustrated and it express it (within reason). To me, lifting big weight is strenuous and exasperating. I usually get mad but that frustration tests me. Two things happen when the weights start getting on my nerves, I either give up or I get over it and keep picking it up. I do agree that we should set an example of righteousness and so I will myself try to minimize and control the frustration I express.

    Thanks for the post love!

    Comment by Abby Vandegrift — February 6, 2010 @ 10:10 am

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