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June 30, 2010

What Happened to FAHBG?

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crossfit kitten

from Crossfit Oakland

I’m glad you asked! I have been meaning to put something up here explaining the lack of updates lately.

Simply put – we burned ourselves out. I think after about 6 months of hardcore WODs, 4 times a week, we were all getting to a point where Crossfit was taking over too much of our lives. I don’t want to speak for the whole team, as we may all have different feelings and ideas on the topic, so I’ll continue here from my own perspective.

For me it became an issue of commitment. For some reason, I had the hardest time getting back into the swing of the workouts after Christmas break, and being off-schedule really hindered my mental commitment to getting up at 5:30am. In addition, I injured my back trying to pull out a sub-10 min. Grace in Feb. and never really got over the “fear of the bar” after that (still haven’t). It just seemed like the excitement and investment I had in it faded sharply after a while.

The whole decline of our workout program really got me wondering – how do real people, with real lives, stay on top of a program like Crossfit without burning out quickly? I know it must be possible, but does one have to sell their soul to an exercise program in order to stay on track? I think we all can acknowledge that we talked about it waaay too much (at parties, restaurants, church…), and I hope it didn’t turn any friends away from leading healthful lives because of our passion about the program.

So whats the take-away point? Is FAHBG dead?

Good news is over the past year I have learned a lot about fitness, general health and “working out” that I think will stay with me the rest of my life. The number one permanent lifestyle change has been diet. While I may have fallen off the wagon more than I’d like to admit recently, I feel really confident in understanding and taking responsibility for my dietary choices. And as we all know, fuel is 50% of the equation of health and fitness. Other than that, I think Crossfit-style intensity in workouts is something that I’d like to maintain. Now, I haven’t done a WOD in a few months, and complain about working out all the time, but when I get back on schedule I plan to keep the intensity high and the duration short. Lastly, I’ve discovered a real enjoyment for gymnastic fitness that I’d really like to invest some time and work in someday. Not to eschew weight lifting or cardio, but my body seems to function well with balance-based, body-weight, cat-like agility fundamental movements.

As for FAHBG, it’s still up in the air. Summer is a regular downtime for us as Andrew is traveling with church lots and Josh & Mara are out of school and off for the summer. I’d like to consider reforming in the Fall, and starting fresh, with open minds and multi-varied programming. At very least, being together and being active is something we all care about and can make some time for. FAHBG is about community, relationships and spurring one another one to greatness. The hotification of our bodies is just a fortunate biproduct!

Friends and followers, what do you think? How does exercise fit into your daily life? What level of commitment is healthy for people with a lot going on?


  1. Micah,

    Thanks for posting this. As I begin to plan my Fall semester, I realize that my two-a-day workouts are unrealistic. I look better and I feel better, but I know I won’t be able to keep up the intensity long term. Therefore, I, too, must reassess my priorities.

    One thing I will take from this past 6 months is that I CAN DO IT. I proved to myself that I have the personal will to complete a long-term physical goal. That is a huge boost to my confidence. How will this affect my workouts? I’m not sure, yet. But I think maintenance workouts will keep me where I want to be for a while. And I still plan on running two half-marathons over the next year.

    Best to the FAHBG group! You’ve been an inspiration.

    Comment by Jamie Watson — June 30, 2010 @ 2:53 pm

  2. Thanks for the comment Jamie. Keep us in the loop with your progress and programming this fall.

    Hope you are well!!

    Comment by Micah Vandegrift — June 30, 2010 @ 3:27 pm

  3. It is difficult to find the time balance, and as nice as it’s been to have a garage gym it’s been hard finding a schedule that works for everyone.

    I think a bigger issue than consistently working out is falling out of love for CF. Yeah, I said it. I loved the intensity at the beginning but now I feel as though I’d prefer to do a less stressful workout. I’ve come to realize that I’m not trying to win at competitions and I really don’t have a solid interest in lifting a million pounds. Don’t get me wrong, I really love being strong and fit but I don’t love gaining weight. It’s really frustrating working out hard, eating right, and not losing fat. I’m not the only one, Thera can attest to this because she went through the exact same thing and she was way more into CF than I was.

    She and I are about the same height and build, she’s 5’2 and I’m 5’3. She was hanging around the 130 pound area with me until she cut back on CF, now she’s around the 120 area. We both feel as though CF makes us look bulky. We’re short, and one pound really makes a difference to us. Mara was blessed to be able to lose weight and workout, I wasn’t and I gained. Not matter how well I ate, I kept gaining weight or refused to lose what fat I had. It was overall frustrating. Now I’m making some changes, I’m trying to walk more, eat even better, and do a little CF style workout here and there. So far I’ve lost 2 pounds and I feel pretty good.

    Quite honestly I don’t want to focus so much on my fitness anymore. As a very body conscience female I feel like too much focus on CF makes me way too body aware. I still want to do some CF workouts, I still love it, I’m just not in love with it anymore.

    Comment by Abby Vandegrift — June 30, 2010 @ 3:49 pm

  4. I’m sorry to hear about the burnout. I was looking forward to joining in the fun this fall. I understand what you all mean though. I lifted weights in high school and couldn’t bring myself to do those intense workouts on my own afterward. Then I watched college friends fall into eating disorders and have been afraid of life-altering exercise/diet regimens ever since. So I totally get falling out of love with it.

    I hope I can at least join in on the occasional group workout…

    Comment by Cara Burnidge — July 5, 2010 @ 10:03 am

  5. i would be up for 2x/week during the summer.

    Comment by joe — July 9, 2010 @ 7:30 am

  6. I just found this blog. It’s really interesting and such unique blend. I’m sorry to hear about the group losing it’s desire for CF. I’ve been at it for a year and I hope that I don’t have to face that but it can be mentally exhausting to keep working on your weaknesses. I feel like life is a struggle and you are more prepared for it if you are fit.

    Comment by Sean — July 20, 2010 @ 2:21 pm

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