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April 30, 2010

Animal Rights vs Paleo

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I’ve been reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Micahel Pollan and have hit the section where he decides that he needs to go hunting in order to fully understand the hunter & gathering aspect of attaining food.  Yet, before he gets chance to hunt for his dinner, he comes across Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation.  After reading the book he decides. Before hunting, he needs to go vegetarian in order to see if his belief in eating animals is sound logic.  I haven’t finished this section completely, but Singer’s argument is interesting and it got me thinking about animals and if I should have a moral dilemma in eating them.  Once I finish the book, I’ll give an update on his decision to stay veggie or to go back to meat.

Today I listen to the Diana Rehm show with guest Jonathan Balcombe, he just came out with a book called Second Nature, which goes into the science and discoveries of animal pain and their sentient.   He goes into proven science that animals are more aware and feel pain more than what we originally thought.  Here’s the podcast, listen to it and riddle me this; after hearing this and knowing what we know about animals, is it right to slaughter them?  I don’t like the idea of going vegan, I was vegetarian for 6 years, but I hate the thought of what these animals go through.  I know of the health reasons to eat meat but I also believe there is a responsible path we can take as humans to ensure animals are treated better but if causing a living thing pain can be avoided, should it?

You can take the bible and say, “God doesn’t mind the eating of animals” and that’s fine, but what about today?  There are so many people eating so much beef that it’s contributing to global warming.  That’s a lot of dang beef.  My main fear though is that the cruelties these animals suffer just to become my dinner might somehow affect me spiritually.  These animals are God’s creation just like we are; I’m sure he cares for them as living beings, maybe not as much as he cares for us but I’m sure he cares.  I try to buy responsibly harvested meat, though it’s hard to find in town, but it’s not always avoidable.  So I’m debating the possibility of not eating meat at all unless I know it was done sustainably and humanely.  The jury is still out on that one though.

So fellow meat eaters, what do you think?  Do you believe that God might be a little pissed at how animals are treated?


April 28, 2010

April 27th Workout

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WOD 1:

For Time

12 Thrusters

2 Burpees

10 Thrusters

4 Burpees

8 Thrusters

6 Burpees

6 Thrusters

8 Burpees

4 Thrusters

10 Burpees

2 Thrusters

12 Burpees

April 24, 2010

Has BeerFit Replaced CrossFit?

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This is an example of what our workouts have consisted of recently!

Well folks, April has turned out to be a bit of an off month for us. Despite the Primal Challenge, we’ve all been of our eating game with Easter Feasters, Birthday bashes, Out-of-town Overtures, and for Josh, Graham, and I,  Teacher Appreciation Week. And on top of all that, our workout schedule has just not worked out, if you know what I mean. It feels like months since we have all worked out together and weeks since we have really worked out hard at all. Our most recent mass fail consisted of about 5 deadlifts and 5 presses and that was it. I did the workout in a skirt, so as to avoid the hassle of changing clothes. Sad. Our grand plan to do the PTP program is a wash, at least for now.

But, finally, we may be getting back on the straight and narrow path. We had a solid, butt-kicking workout this morning, despite the noticeable absence of Josh and Micah. I say we all try to use this a a jump start to stop all this eating-cheating, get back into regular workouts, and generally focus in on doing what we know will lead to increased health, fitness, and longevity.

I also say that next weekend, the half-way point for our Primal Challenge, we all post our total points and see where we stand. Perhaps that threat of public shame will help motivate us to say “no” to the next brownie, bagel, or beer that looks our way.

I know we can do it! Go team FAHBG!!!

Here was our workout for today:

Strength work

Front Squat 5-5-5-5

Pull-ups, deadhang, max rep x 2


Working with a parter so that you alternate work and rest using the same equipment,

For Max Reps:
Three minutes of Wall Balls
Three minutes of Rest
Three minutes of Kettlebell Swings (16 kg)
Three minutes of Rest
Three minutes of Double Unders

It was brutal. But it felt good to know I had really worked out and still could.

So no more “BeerFit” and lots more CrossFit!

April 20, 2010

30 and flirty

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For the past week or so, a lot of people have been asking me how it feels to be thirty.  Apparently in my family, my brother and sister both went through a mini-crisis when they turned over that last digit to their third decade.  I didn’t have the same experience; actually it was quite the opposite.  I’m excited to be thirty and I can give you a few reasons why:

1.) Feeling good – I contribute this to my Primal lifestyle and fitness.  I didn’t feel this good a year ago when I was eating dairy, grains, and legumes.  I felt constantly bloated and had intense hunger swings.  Now I feel stable and content.

2.) Skin so soft – I’ve been moisturizing since my early teens, I’m not quite sure the Primal stance on lotion since the Paleo woman didn’t have modern moisturizers but I’m sure she had some sort of skin treatment whether it be oils or aloes (I feel a follow-up post coming on).  Although I used to try and tan (believe me being a blonde hair and fair skinned gal it was a big try to get tan) I gave up on it years ago.  Though I know my past tanning transgressions will show up later, I know the impact will be reduced since I have been relatively cautious my whole life on how I treat my skin.  Plus, whenever I feel a little too pale I remind myself that white skin tattoos better.  🙂

3.) Tons-O-Fun – Micah and I make it a point to have fun and to make the most of our time.  We spend a lot of time with friends and indulge our hobbies and interests.  We try to experience new things and travel when we can.  I’m always up to try something new with my hobbies so I’m constantly learning new things.

4.) Golden Age – One thing I try and do is to think of the benefits of getting older as opposed to the downfalls.  I like the idea of progression, the learning of new things and becoming wiser.

Overall, I think we all have more to offer the world than our looks.  Growing older is inevitable, it would be better to stay healthy and happy so you can grow old gracefully, than to fight it with unnatural means (facelifts, etc) and end up always fighting an uphill battle.

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