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April 2, 2010

Paleo Poetry – Volume 2

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{Josh ran across this site a few weeks ago and emailed it around to the rest of us. I was finally able to check it out and thought it’d be worthwhile share.}

Fight Back!

Food Renegade hosts a weekly “blog carnival” called Fight Back Fridays. In honor of this week’s FBF edition, I have decided to revive my Paleo Poetry series. This one is dedicated to that omnipresent devil of the American Food Industry, corn.

**The Great Corn Rebellion **

Your stalks so beautiful, the American landscape serene.

Your kernels so golden, their husky wrapping pristine.

Agribusiness is thriving, and the people rejoice.

“King Corn til death” they say, in a unified voice.

Corn in my cereal, and in my cereal box gloss.

Corn in my side dish, my drink and my BBQ sauce.

King Corn, I abhor you, rebellious (un-American) as it may be.

I’d like some protein, good fat, and veggies carbs please, a better way I can see.

Mayhaps I am different, even “weird” as it goes.

I eat (mostly) paleo, though I still get caught in your starchy throes.

Corn will not rule me, and my body will rejoice.

“Death to King Corn” say we, Food Renegades, in an ever-louder, more unified voice.

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